Why Ayurveda ?

Charaka & Vaghbhata in Sutrasthana define health as:

“samadosha, samagnischa samadhatu malakriyaha

prasanna atmenindriya manaha swasthya ityabhidheeyate”


Ayurvedic Definition of Health – Sushruta has described the features of a healthy person in the above quote. It follows that the doshas must be in equilibrium, the digestive fire must be in a balanced state and the tissues (dhatus) and malas (wastes) must work in a normal state. The sensory and motor organs and mind, Atma must be also in a pleasant state. Such a person is called a healthy person or Swastha.

Samadosha: The doshas that are present in the body and mind, namely vata, pitta and kapha, must be in a balanced state in order to keep a person healthy. When the balance of the doshas is disturbed, either aggravated or decreased (vitiated) it produces a state of Dosha Vaishamya, which is called disease.

Samagni: In order to keep an individual healthy and digestive fire (koshtagni) and dhatuagni (tissue enzymes) must be in a proper state. When agni is less in quality (Mandagni) it will cause many diseases (“Rogaha Sarvepi Mande Agnou”). It is a well known that the health of an individual depends on the proper strength of his digestive power.

Sama dhatu mala kriya: (Balanced state of dhatus and malas): According to Ayurveda there are seven Dhatus namely Rasa, Rakta, Mansa, Medas, Asthi, Majja and Shukra. And the excreta or Malas – purisa (faeces), Mutra (urine), Sweda (sweat). The dhatus of the body must function properly and so also the malas of the body.

Prasanna Atmendriya Manaha: In Ayurveda the functions of the sensory and motor organs and mind have been given special importance. When these are not in equilibrium and not discharging there functions properly, it will lead to a state called disease. Even though the above a functioning properly the bodily activities must not vitiate (decrease) the above. The state of mental health is more important than that of the physical health of a person.

Swastha or the healthy state is maintained from birth and the three doshas remain in a balanced state, then the person achieves a well balanced constitution, attractive appearance, good muscular strength and complete peace of mind.

Good health can be maintained until death. For this one should intelligently follow all the rules laid down according to this science. Only then will a person enjoy an optimum life span of a hundred years without contracting disease. He will also gain recognition in society, friendship with people and honor and wealth as he has the energy and ability to achieve all the goals in life.